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The first goal of a mediator is to understand the case from all sides, and then to help each party see their side, and the other side, from an objective standpoint, so that they can realistically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each side, and the possible range of outcomes, and the likely expense of going to trial. The hope is that this sort of analysis of the case can yield a “ZOPA” or Zone of Possible Agreement.

When I serve as mediator for a case, I try to approach it as a learning experience. It is almost like a detective’s work, or a scientist’s explorations. In my experience, when people are litigating, it is usually due to a failure of communication, or an unwillingness to acknowledge the truth. Throughout the day, as we peel back the layers and get to the heart of the conflict, it feels like a voyage of discovery.  

The mediation process also provides a forum whereby the parties can be heard and can feel that they have had their “day in court” so to speak.  Often, the mere process of telling their story can have a calming effect and can help the parties let go of the grievance to some extent, and settle.


Whatever your estate planning needs, we can help.  Our lead attorney, Joe Fulwiler, is board certified in Estate Planning and Probate Law and is also a CPA.


The death of a loved one is never an easy time.  One part of the stress of losing a loved one is the bevy of financial and tax questions that arise.  We can help you work through these issues and the probate administration process. We have performed scores of probates in the greater Austin area and various other Texas counties. Our lead attorney, Joe Fulwiler, is board certified in Estate Planning and Probate law.


We are especially well suited to serve small and medium sized companies searching for an Austin business lawyer for the following reasons:

  • We offer top notch, big firm corporate law experience at a small firm price.

  • We serve as outsourced general counsel for client companies that are not yet large enough to have a full time General Counsel, or who are transitioning between personnel in that role.

  • We are sensitive to maintaining client satisfaction and dedicated to being responsive.

  • We don’t “overlawyer” deals and cause negotiations to stall due to academic pontificating.

  • We have extensive experience working in startups and smaller companies, and we know how to deal with the common legal issues that arise. Our experience with larger companies also imparts a deeper understanding of the context of your issues.

  • We will not waste your time with unnecessary technical legal analysis that is not practical or relevant. We focus on giving you the information you need to make calculated business decisions and minimize risk.

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